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Plasma Rich Protein is a cosmetic facial rejuvenation procedure that helps naturally reduce the appearance of fine lines, acne, damage from the sun, scars and wrinkles. It improves the tone, firmness and texture of your skin and hair. PRP helps fight the signs of aging.

PRP therapy is a simple 3-step process that uses our own blood to jumpstart the body’s self-healing abilities. After a quick blood draw, we separate important growth factors, platelets, and stem cells in our own centrifuge, then re-apply the PRP solution either topically or via injections to the treatment site. The procedure triggers additional collagen and elastin production for deep tissue repair.


Used in conjunction with the SkinPen you’ll notice a smoother more radiant complexion. Continued improvement will occur as collagen production renews deeper layers of tissue leaving you with lasting results. Multiple sessions may be necessary to achieve your ultimate goals depending on the severity of your condition. PRP rejuvenation treatments are commonly applied to the face, neck, chest, hands, and hairline.

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