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Swedish Massage- This style of massage uses soft, long, kneading strokes that focus on relieving muscle tension and relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage- The style uses slow, deep strokes that target the deeper muscle tissue. this massage can help reduce muscle stiffness and pain.

Sports Therapy Massage- Helps recover the body after consistent and strenuous activity. This type of massage helps ease pain and stiffness, prevent injury, and improve exercise in active clients.

Trigger Point Massage- Target spot massage can help relieve pain from overworked, repetitively used, contracted muscles. Different levels of pressure are used with either a tool, fingers, knuckles, or elbow to release muscle tension or alleviate muscle spasm.


Available in 30 minute, 60minute, 90 minute, and 120 minute sessions.


AROMATHERAPY - Clients may choose an oil(s) to increase their massage experience. Aromatherapy can reduce stress and anxiety, decrease muscle tension, and lower depression. It can help refresh and energize clients for the rest of the day.


HIMALAYAN SALT STONES - This add-on uses the power of heat to heal, soother, release, and revitalize muscles. It can help increase circulation, reduce inflammation, and decrease stress. The stones consist of 84 natural minerals. They are used to lightly exfoliate the skin and help the body absorb the minerals.


CUPPING THERAPY MASSAGE - Rather than using the standard pressure of pushing into the tissue, cupping uses negative pressure (suction) to release tension in problem area. Cups are placed in specific area of the body to relieve aches, reduce joint stiffness, decrease inflammation, and increase blood flow.

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